Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

IMGP5537Closely linked to the German Party The Left (DIE LINKE), the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is one of the major forums for of political education for exploring the role of democratic socialist ideas. The central concern of the Foundation’s international work is to network with regards to social and democratic development and to promote socio-political education and communication in alliance with international partners. With this in mind, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation supports projects with the aim of providing people with equal access to basic social goods such as democratic participation, peace and non-violence, employment, education, health, social security and an environment worth living in. The Foundation therefore works primarily with trade unions, women’s organizations, social movements, research and education institutes, as well as international organizations and parties. Key themes are the examination of current neoliberal tendencies of globalization, the creation of a social and peaceful Europe, democratic and social participation at a national, regional and local level, peace and the prevention of violence, and the full and equal integration of disadvantaged groups.

Inspired by the idea of global co-operation, the Foundation is active internationally in order to:
– protect the right to democratic participation;
– secure access to public goods and lay the foundations for a self-determined life for all;
– strengthen networks of civil society actors and develop alternatives to the neoliberal economic model;
– solve conflicts peacefully, and shape the present and the future with historical consciousness.

Currently, the Foundation is actively involved in more than 50 countries and with about 200 partner organizations. It has 19 offices all over the world.

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